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Leveraging Long Term Care Industry Expertise to Provide Value to Providers



In 2018, Philip Alt established Alt Long Term Care Consulting, drawing upon his extensive experience in the long-term care industry. His vision was to harness this wealth of knowledge, encompassing financial, operational, and reimbursement insights, to provide invaluable financial and operational analyses, along with strategic recommendations to clients. These insights have played a pivotal role in helping organizations navigate the complex landscape of the long-term care sector, empowering them to chart a course toward a successful future.

ALTCC is a member of LeadingAge Michigan and Healthcare Association of Michigan (HCAM).

Philip Alt


Alt Long Term Care Consulting provides clients with an in-depth analysis of month-end financial and operational data, enhancing the efficiency of their business office operations, reimbursement outcomes, and overall operational effectiveness. Our suite of services includes month-end reporting, financial reconciliations, support for year-end reporting, and valuable insights for achieving financial and reimbursement success. Our involvement serves as a critical second set of eyes on financial reporting, leading to strengthened internal controls over financial matters. Data is consolidated into easily understandable reports, empowering organizations to make well-informed decisions. Our approach is designed to facilitate operational improvements, enabling clients to successfully navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the long-term care industry.

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